Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is your closet as messy as mine?

I certainly hope not!  But in case it is please take comfort in knowing you are not alone!  I have put off cleaning out my closet for months now - honestly I was afraid. Afraid of the time it was going to take.  Afraid of the piles of shoes, clothes, purses and junk that would cover my bed and every inch of walking space in my room.  Afraid to see the money I wasted by not passing up that great deal and then never wearing it even once.  But today is the day. I must be brave.

First off I called the queen of organization, my sister in law Panda.  After begging her to come do it for me help me, and her opting instead to spend the day lazing at her pool (can you imagine?), she was kind enough to give me some tips. 

Panda said I must first empty the entire closet, then sort through the items by category (shoes, purses, etc.) and only put back in what I know I am going to wear or use.  If anyone else dared to suggest I do it this way instead of my normal let me just straighten this up approach I would not have paid them any attention.  But since Panda is the queen of organization and lets me use her pool I am inclined to listen. I am not looking forward at all to this project but I must persist. 

This is my closet after the first hour.  Finally, I am getting to the bottom of the endless pile!

After two hours and ten minutes I have sorted my shoes. That's it.  The closet is empty and my shoes are sorted. This is going to be an all day event!  I allowed myself to keep only those shoes that would fit into one laundry basket, plus my fishing boots and two pairs of torture evening shoes.

Do you yellow box? I got rid of three pairs and allowed myself to keep seven.  Here they are, all at home in their little corner of my little closet.  I have been on break now for thirty minutes and I need to get back to the task at hand.  Stay tuned and I will post the final results!

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Jennifer said...

Yes! My closet is messy!!! I cleaned it not to long ago and it's right back messy again!