Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shhh.... An Early Christmas Surprise for Hubby!

Tonight while my sweet husband was working late at the office I was working hard to create a surprise for him - a display box to hold a few of his grandfather's (Paw Paw's) fishing lures.  I figure it can be an early Christmas present (to butter him up before my new Silhouette SD arrives in the mail!)

It all started with this little case I purchased at a yard sale in Decatur last month.  As soon as I saw the little hangy hooks inside I knew it would make the perfect lure display case.

It was originally purchased at TJ Maxx for $16.99 - so at only $5 I knew it was my kind of bargain! 

It was really in great shape but a little too white & "new looking" for me.  So, I removed the door, pulled out my 150 grit sanding sponge and went to work roughing up the edges a little to give it that distressed look that makes my heart go pitter patter.

Then I grabbed my trusty decorating companion - Valspar Mocha Glaze, and started slathering it on the case.  After letting it sit just a minute or two I wiped off the excess with an old rag, leaving it darker in the crevices and on the edges.  Then I let it dry (I HATE this part!!)

While I was impatiently waiting for the glaze to dry I pulled out the box of cherished lures.  Just the smell of the little boxes inside reminded me of how old the lures are.  I picked out six that I thought would look good in the case.

After arranging the lures in the case I made myself a cup of Earl Grey tea and sat and stared at my new creation - I couldn't wait for hubby to come home and see!

Before hanging it in his "man cave" I sat it on the kitchen counter just to get this shot - I know lures are a manly kind of thing but I just think those little fake fish are adorable!

And here it is hanging on the wall underneath the first big fish yours truly ever caught!  I really, really hope he likes it!

Sorry my pictures are not the greatest in this post - I got a new camera and I am still learning out to use it!

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Anonymous said...

Saya ingin memposting sesuatu seperti ini di website saya dan ini memberiku ide. Cheers.

lisbonlioness said...

D'you know... our local supermarket sold boxes of lures the other week, and I was SO tempted to buy them and make jewellery out of them! I think they are gorgeous (even though I don't quite get the whole idea of fishing), and your little display is awesome!

Pamela said...

What a beautiful project! A neat gift for a man who loves to fish. I think I need to start going to yard sales again.

Wanda said...

I love the kitchen makeover! I am trying to figure out how to paint my cabinets and make a few adjustments to the cabinets. Tell me about how you removed the cabinets above your microwave oven. is the white hood a real hood that vents outside or is the fan just in the new microwave oven. I want to move a cabinet above my stove and add a microwave. thanks!!