Monday, September 22, 2014

Simple Fall Lantern

Don't you just love Fall?  I know I do. I love the colors, the smells, the sound of leaves crunching underneath my shoes.  And I love how easy it is to decorate for the Fall Season!

Like this simple Fall lantern!  I bought the lantern at Hobby Lobby for $19 when they were 50% off.  I love the colors of the rusty metal, and the simplicity of the design.  I new it would be perfect sitting on my kitchen island!

To make this lantern you will need to gather your supplies:  a lantern (doesn't have to be just like mine), some artificial fall leaves, twin or jute string, burlap ribbon, a battery operated candle, scissors, and a hot glue gun.  You probably have most of these items already!

First cut a piece of burlap long enough to go around your candle and overlap just a little.

Then cut a piece of string long enough to wrap around your candle three times plus have enough to tie in a double knot.

Next lay your burlap ribbon on a piece of foil and begin gluing your leaves down.  It doesn't take much glue - just enough to hold the leaf on the ribbon or on top of the other leaves.

Be sure to mix up the colors and turn the leaves random ways.  It is ok if a little burlap shows through.  Every once in a while, peel the ribbon up to "un-stick" it from the foil.

When you get to the end of the ribbon it will look similar to the picture above.  You are now ready to pick the whole thing up and wrap it around your candle! 

Don't worry if the ribbon is not straight at this point.  Just wrap your cut string around three times and tie in a double knot being sure to cut the excess off (Ieft about 1/2 inch of string on each end.)  After cutting the string you can adjust the leaf covered ribbon until it looks right.  Remember, it does not have to be perfect!!!

Then place your candle in the center of your wreath and woe-la!  you have a simple fall lantern you can place almost anywhere!

For now I have mine next to a dough bowl filled with honey-crisp apples on my kitchen island.  But...who knows where it will end up! 

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!  

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Hugs xxoo!


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Friday, September 12, 2014

Easy & Useful Kitchen Update

I love making small changes in my house that have a big impact.  Today I am going to show you a 10 minute update that anyone can do with a thrifted (is that a real word??) tray, an assortment of cooking oils & wines, and a few wood cutting boards.

BEFORE: This is what my kitchen looks like before I make the changes.  See that rooster tray? It has been there so long I really don't even notice it anymore.  I still like it so I will tuck it away for another day. 

AFTER:  This is how it looks after the changes.  I love the combination of wood cutting boards (mine are very old), oils & cooking wines, and the little white salt & pepper cellars.  I think this is a warmer look for my kitchen, and how useful to have all those things right at my fingertips while cooking!

To make this vignette, I first gathered all the items I wanted to include.  I know, I know - that is a country/christmasy tray but most of it will be covered and I love the red so I am using it anyway.

I then placed the tray where I wanted it and leaned the cutting boards in a pleasing arrangement behind it.  I can easily pull out the one I want to use without totally disrupting the whole thing.  (Trust me, much easier than trying to pull them from my messy soon to be organized cabinets.)
Then I just arranged all the bottles by putting the taller ones in the back and the ones I use most often closest to the stove.  I put the salt and pepper cellars in front because there is nothing like grabbing a pinch with your fingers to add to your cooking pots! (They are filled with course salt & pepper.)

 So one last look at the after.  Seriously this took me about 10 minutes and I love the new look!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A New Mantle Shelf (My First Thrifty Find of Fall!)

I have been planning on building a mantel shelf to go over my sofa FOREVER.  So when I found one at an estate sale for $21 I scooped it up! I love the big clock but it was just lost on a large wall and was crying for some company.  

NOTE TO SELF:  Steal Hubby's camera from his boat until I get mine back from Auburn.  My iPhone photography skills are greatly lacking!

This is how it looked when I brought it home.  Well, it's the back of it anyway.  I was so excited I forgot to take many before pictures, but you can see how it is made.

I knew I would need to hang the mantel with a cleat, so I measured the vertical space inside the mantel and ran off to home depot for a 2"X2"X4' piece of wood, which I then leveled and attached to the wall studs with wall screws.  (Hubby had to check my work!)  With Hubby's help we then placed the shelf and screwed it to the cleat through the top near the back, being sure to counter-sink the screws.

Now, imagine that wall without the shelf.  See what I mean??  BLAH, lonely, "unfinished"

And here it is again all finished!  Well, I still have some accessorizing to do.  

I plan to find some darker candle sticks to replace the silver ones, or maybe I will just spray paint them???

For $21 I think I got a real bargain - what do you think?

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

DIY Fall Wreath...Hello Fall!

Hello Fall!  Finally got around to making a new wreath for the front door.  Unfortunately I left my good camera in Auburn a couple of weekends ago so I am limited to my iPhone for pictures.  I think you can see the beautiful fall colors even if not the greatest photography!

Hubby was taking a nap so I made a mad dash to Hobby Lobby.  Trust me, it is better if I do it this way! (I did leave him a note.)

In about 30 minutes I was able to grab everything I thought I would need and get back home.  I laid it all out on the kitchen table, grabbed some burlap and twine, and my handy dandy glue gun.  (No, I don't use that cookie sheet for cooking - it is dedicated to my glue gun!)

I just cut all the little stems apart and started tucking and gluing it all in place until I liked it.  I did start with some back ground grassy - type fall stems just to add interest and volume. (Note to Self:  get some decent wire cutters!!!)

After I tucked in the larger flowers and the gourds/pumpkins I decided not to add a burlap bow.  With all the pretty colors I just didn't feel it needed it.

By the time hubby was awake it was on the door!  Now if we can just get some cooler weather I can really get in the mood for fall!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of fall in Alabama!  Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs XX00!


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Monday, July 7, 2014

Guess who is going to the Haven Conference!

After letting my blog collect dust for waay too long I am going to my first ever blogging conference.  And I just can't wait to meet all the bloggers I have followed for YEARS!

When I get back I am dusting off my blog, giving it a MAJOR over haul and getting back to what I love most - blogging about my DIY life!!!

Will you be at Haven this year?  If so I can't wait to meet you as we learn together from the pros!

Haven Newbie