Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A New Mantle Shelf (My First Thrifty Find of Fall!)

I have been planning on building a mantel shelf to go over my sofa FOREVER.  So when I found one at an estate sale for $21 I scooped it up! I love the big clock but it was just lost on a large wall and was crying for some company.  

NOTE TO SELF:  Steal Hubby's camera from his boat until I get mine back from Auburn.  My iPhone photography skills are greatly lacking!

This is how it looked when I brought it home.  Well, it's the back of it anyway.  I was so excited I forgot to take many before pictures, but you can see how it is made.

I knew I would need to hang the mantel with a cleat, so I measured the vertical space inside the mantel and ran off to home depot for a 2"X2"X4' piece of wood, which I then leveled and attached to the wall studs with wall screws.  (Hubby had to check my work!)  With Hubby's help we then placed the shelf and screwed it to the cleat through the top near the back, being sure to counter-sink the screws.

Now, imagine that wall without the shelf.  See what I mean??  BLAH, lonely, "unfinished"

And here it is again all finished!  Well, I still have some accessorizing to do.  

I plan to find some darker candle sticks to replace the silver ones, or maybe I will just spray paint them???

For $21 I think I got a real bargain - what do you think?

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Patti said...

Love that! The clock is awesome! I think you got a great deal! :-)

The Lindee Tree said...

The mantle looks so great. Perfect for that room. It is amazing little touches make big changes...