Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why I'm Going to Haven 2015

Haven Conference,

I am going to the HAVEN conference in Atlanta because I NEED to!!!

You see, like most DIY bloggers I know I have a deep, indescribable need to create...

To keep my home fresh and inviting.
To take old things and make them new again.

To fill empty walls with interesting artwork, and undressed windows with fabric, shutters and blinds.

To try new products that will make my home endeavors better, easier, and exciting.

I need to go to HAVEN because this past year I have failed miserably at all of the above.  

I have allowed ruptured discs and surgeries and physical therapy to rob me of the joy of creating, of completing projects, and of sharing the results.

I have allowed this blog to become outdated, and my garage to be overfilled with unfinished projects that call my name each time I walk by.

I need to go to HAVEN to be inspired by all the many talented and bright bloggers I know will be attending.

To meet the sponsors and learn about their new products.
To learn to use the DIY tools I have been acquiring, like the Kreg Jig that still sits in the box,  and the Ryobi circular saw I got for Christmas. 

To learn how to bring this blog back to life with fresh look and updated tools.

I need to go to HAVEN because my sweet daughter, Lindsey, is waiting for me to get this blog up to speed so she can join me as a contributor, and share her passion for DIY projects, home decorating, and raising three boys.

Not only do I need to go to HAVEN but I want to go!  

In fact, since HAVEN starts tomorrow I better sign off now and get packing! I don't want to miss a minute of the excitement I know will be awaiting for me!

Better Run!